Dental Questions
March 17, 2010

Gum Disease

  The hidden message of gum disease.  If your dentist says you have periodontal disease, you may have an even more serious problem: diabetes.  In a recent study of 2,923 adults from NYU College of Dentistry and Nursing, 93% of those who had periodontitis were at high risk for diabetes, compared with just 63% of those without it.  The culprit…
Tooth Restoration
March 15, 2010

Why Gold is still Golden

In recent years, the public has come under attack by all types of industry specific advertising. The pharmaceutical industry, for example, has spent millions of dollars to make patients ask doctors for drugs by name. Dentistry is no different. In many periodicals and on television news spots, there are a tremendous number of “new” and “state of the art” dental…