Biological Dentistry

The public has often regarded dentistry as a repair service, where many patients will wait to seek treatment only on an emergency basis. Unfortunately, many dentists began to see themselves in this light as well.

With advancements in medical and dental research, a greater understanding of the interrelationship between oral and whole-body health has come to light. For over thirty years, we have strived to advance this thinking in the field and in the public’s perspective.

For years, there has been controversy over the usage of mercury-based filling materials. One of the primary uses for mercury in health related services are in the form of amalgams (silver fillings). These “silver“ fillings are actually a compilation of multiple elements including silver, tin, zinc, copper, and mercury. Of these materials, mercury is present in the highest percentage, around 50%.

The American Dental Association’s current stand is that the mercury derived from amalgam fillings is not sufficient to cause harm to humans. While only time will tell if this position is ever altered, we have felt for many years that it would be more suitable for our practice to place more bio-compatible materials.

Gum Disease and your Health

Much attention has been focused in recent years on the relationship between bad gums and heart disease, diabetes, and other systemic illnesses.

Patients with untreated gum disease harbor high levels of certain bacteria in their mouths. These bacteria can travel through the blood stream and pass through the various organs of the body. Beyond the noticeable destruction that patients see with gum disease including loose teeth, bad breath, and painful, bleeding gums, recent research suggests that the chronic exposure of the organs to these bacteria may contribute to serious illnesses far from the oral cavity.

Our focus on all new and existing patients is to establish a foundation of healthy gums. Our highly skilled team of doctors and hygienists are capable of detecting gum disease, even in early stages. Our doctors will then develop a personalized plan to treat each patients needs and help prevent future incidents whenever possible through customized home care programs.

One reason that patients have often ignored their gum care is out of fear of treatment. In years past, gum disease was less understood, and additionally, treatment modalities were often limited to surgical interventions. Today’s technological advancements allow us to offer a vast number of alternative treatments for gum disease including, localized antibiotic therapy, laser procedures, and more.

Bio-compatability Testing

Most people know someone who has a metal allergy. These people will avoid wearing metal watchbands or certain jewelry due to inflammation or soreness. These patients may unknowingly have these same metals present in their mouth. Patients that are “metal free“ however, may not necessarily be free of reactive elements in their fillings either. To help avoid these allergic reactions we offer bio-compatibility testing to our patients. Patients can be screened against thousands of materials used in dental procedures. A customized list is then generated, profiling the patients known allergies. The bio-compatiblity report lists all applicable dental materials for various procedures in a ranking from least to most reactive for the individual. Dental procedures can then be modified using the safest materials to insure the healthiest result for these patients.

What is a Biological or Holistic Dentistry?

In a nutshell, biological dentistry views your teeth and gums as an integrated part of your entire body, and any medical treatments performed takes this fact into account. The primary aim of this type of holistic dentistry is to resolve your dental problems while impacting the rest of your body as a little as possible.

Biological dentists should also be well aware of the dangers involved with certain dentistry materials embraced by conventional dentists, namely silver fillings.

Silver fillings are 50 percent mercury and are an extremely dangerous neurotoxin. Mercury is second only to Plutonium as a toxic element. Folks, it is a POISON. It is up to you to refuse them, or find a dentist who has switched to safer alternatives.

Holistic dentists use biocompatible materials that will not adversely impact your immune system. Beyond mercury, stainless steel and other metals continue to be used in the mouth by conventional dentistry even though they have been well established to have a cancer causing effect when used elsewhere in your body.

Further, metals commonly utilized in dental work such as crowns, mercury fillings and implants can be quite toxic. When placed in your mouth they are sitting in a medium of saliva, which turns your mouth into a charged battery.

We call this charge “Galvanic Toxicity”. Your brain is a collection of millions of nerve fibers that is essentially a battery emitting electrical charges throughout your body.

The Galvanic Toxicity in your mouth can bombard and over stimulate your brain.

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Common signs and symptoms of Galvanic Toxicity are a metallic taste in your mouth, an electric charge with utensils and insomnia.

Finding suitable materials to replace the metals currently used can be a challenge, but a knowledgeable biological dentist should be able to inform you of the latest, safe alternatives.

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