Mini Dental Implants – A Small Miracle for Denture Wearers

mini dentals

Holistic dentistry addresses the overall wellness of a patient through education and state-of-the-art approaches to facilitate the patient’s ability to improve personal health.

A small miracle in implant dentistry is taking place. Mini dental implants, the latest advance in dental implants, can be the answer to problems of dentures shifting or feeling unstable when you are speaking or chewing. Smaller than full-size implants, mini dental implants are inserted to retain and stabilize lower dentures, which are secured by attaching them to posts on the mini dental implant. This procedure for mini dental implants requires only one visit and can be completed in an hour or two, and typically involves no cutting of the gums, and hence there are no stitches to remove. Mini dental implants also cost significantly less than full-size implants. The mini implant represents the greatest advancement in implant dentistry since the introduction of dental implants themselves a quarter century ago.

Like the standard implant, the mini dental implant for dentures replaces the troublesome root canals, making it a valuable addition to the practice of holistic dentistry. Both types of implants provide significant benefits over traditional cosmetic dentistry replacement options.

The Root of the Mini Dental Implant Advantage

Dentures cannot stop the gum and bone deterioration associated with tooth loss. Without a tooth to hold the bone in place, gums recede and the jaw experiences pain and bone loss. So dentures that fit today may become continually ill fitting and uncomfortable as gum and bone slowly recede. Moreover, denture wearers know the lower denture can be difficult to adjust to, as it is prone to shifting, or floating, when eating certain foods or speaking, making it a challenge to engage in these everyday activities with confidence. Today a denture stabilization system utilizing mini dental implants is the small miracle more denture wearers are discovering. The denture stabilization system consists of several miniature titanium implants that acts like the root of a tooth, and a retaining fixture incorporated into the base of the denture. This anchor eliminates the need for denture adhesives or pastes, and also improves bone retention and related oral health benefits. The minimally invasive procedure provides a quick recovery, and within a few days, you can be dining out and speaking with confidence, with a new feeling of security and stability in your dentures.

Very often, new dentures are not needed. Your pre-owned dentures can often be retro fitted to mini dental implants saving you, the patient thousands of dollars.

If you wear dentures, find out if dental implants and dentures can be your answer to a more confident smile and better overall health. Call or email us today and schedule a consultation with an Aesthetic Family Dentistry physician.

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