Cosmetic Dentistry and the Female Patient

Men and women are different beings in many ways. The interrelationship between oral health and systemic wellness requires detailed understanding.

Cosmetic enhancements for women enjoin a unique approach as well. Subtle diversities in size, shape, and color can make the difference between a pleasant and a perfect smile!

Cosmetic Artistry and the Female Smile

A woman’s smile, like a woman’s body is very different from that of a man’s. While a man’s visual appeal is measured in strong, straight, and rigid parameters, those of a woman are highlighted by soft, smooth, and curvaceous detail.

In our more than 30 years experience in cosmetic artistry, we have developed a unique awareness to the incorporation of such detail.

Our greatest joy is to restore natural youth and enthusiasm to our patients smile. The highest compliment our female patients give us is that their friends can detect a revived newness in their appearance.

Pregnancy and Gum Care

Women have traditionally accepted tooth and gum problems during pregnancy as a fact of life. The true fact, however is that proper oral care before, during, and after pregnancy can eliminate many health problems.

Much attention is being focused today on the possible link between the mother’s oral health and the health of the unborn fetus. To ensure the best possible health for both mother and child, we highly recommend an oral care visitation to all expecting mothers as soon as possible to eliminate any potential problems and to further insure that proper home care is implemented to handle the biologic changes underway.

Menopause and Dental Health

Women’s health publications have done wonders in recent years to inform women of the need to take care of their bodies as we age. Health issues such as osteoporosis are addressed regularly by physicians. In fact, one would probably contemplate leaving one’s physician if they were not proactive in recommending ways to prevent certain health risks for women. Why then, are the same patients accepting of dentists that do not do the same? Is it any more acceptable to neglect the oral health needs for these patients?

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We pride ourselves in not only solving the immediate problems facing our patients, but helping them plan a healthy future. We routinely recommend customized supplementation regimens and nutritional support for our patient’s specific needs.

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