Our Patients

“We expect the quality dentistry we provide for you to last many years. What better opportunity for your friends and family than to allow us to provide the very best for them as well. We warmly accept and appreciate your confidence in us by referring your family and friends as our new patients.“

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New Patience Experience

Spending time with each new patient because we want to treat everyone on an individual basis is important to us. Finding out your concerns on specific problems, ranging from fears, any past bad experiences, health problems, complaints about sensitivity, preferences to specific appointment times, music preferences, Holistic preferences to a safe environment. Updating what’s new in technology (as we have it here!), introducing the office staff and who we are and explaining how and why we perform procedures are all part of the experience.

Our intra-oral camera offers a great view and discussion as everyone has no idea what condition their present restorations are in. This helps create a better understanding of oral health. Our patients know exactly what’s going on– not just us–this helps to educate our patients. Decisions now can be better made on treatment as our patients are so knowledgeable.

Our purpose is to find out if we fit you and if you fit us. Quality and comfort are our main concern. HIPPA Notice

Your First Appointment

Every patient is special and we are well aware of your special needs. From your first contact with our office, we will listen to YOUR needs and tailor your care with our findings.
You will need to fill out these forms:

Completed Welcome Form

A first visit exam consists of the following:

  1. Complete health history update
  2. Oral hygiene evaluation
  3. Radiographic survey when indicated
  4. Check for cracked teeth
  5. Joint Dysfunctions
  6. Muscle pulls
  7. Soft tissue exam
  8. Oral cancer exam
  9. Check for decay
  10. Periodontal evaluation (gums)
  11. Occlusal analysis (bite)
  12. Study models when indicated
  13. Blood pressure screening
  14. Cosmetic imaging when indicated
  15. Biocompatability testing if necessary

Our new patient visit is a two hour visit where we gather all the diagnostic information we will need. A $100.00 reservation fee is requested. This will be credited to your first visit.