Our Denville, NJ Dental Practice

Our history is unique and diverse. Each doctor, over time, has brought in their own special talents and values.

The practice was started by Ilze Lakstigala in the early 1960’s here in Denville. As a teen, she left her home in Riga, Latvia, as the Russians were moving west and Communism was spreading. In America she pursued dentistry, as her mother had in Europe. Her total commitment to her patients, treating the whole family, and commanding excellence in dentistry from her staff set our foundation and culture.

In 1971, Dr. L took in a mop topped young man, Alan Steiner. She was impressed by his aptitude and skills for one being so young. Growing up in his dad’s tool and dye shop, Alan learned precision and creativity. Entering college without a set major, an opportunity to try dentistry presented itself. A perfect score on the entrance exam set his course. Dentistry came easy to him. His gift for the profession even allowed him to graduate a year early! Dr. Steiner’s innovations and his natural interest in health has kept him on top of the latest in dentistry and brought in the holistic approach. He was on cable TV as early as the 1970’s talking about alternative approaches and materials for healthier living.

In 1991 Dr. Derek Fine was finalizing his plans to open his own office when a “chance“ phone call came. Dr. L had retired and Dr. Fine stepped up to fill the void in our home. Dr. Fine’s aesthetic talents started from his original majors in architecture and design, with a major in biology as well. He turned his interests to dentistry, which was a nice combination of arts and science. Dr. Fine’s aesthetic talents and professional but fun nature keeps us on par.

The newest addition to our family is Dr. Jenni Kwiatkowski. Dr. K, an exceptional dentist, she started with us part time 2008 and is now practicing with us full time. Dr. Kwiatkowski is a New Jersey native, who prior to dental school already had 8 years of experience in four handed dentistry as a dental assistant. Dr. K was highly recommended by a exceptional patient, who she and Dr. Steiner mutually cared for. She thought Dr. K would fit into the office dynamics perfectly. Dr. Kwiatkowski’s young spirit and enthusiasm for dentistry is inspiring to the entire office. We are all looking forward to the bright future of our office.

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