The team at Aesthetic Family Dentistry is continually striving to bring you the best care possible.

Patient input is essential to this process. To better help you appreciate our philosophy this section contains a compilation of patient feedback from letters and surveys.

Dear Dr. Steiner,
As a fifty-something mother of a beautiful 21 yr-old college student, I had forgotton what it felt like to look in the mirror and be pleased with the face smiling back at me. Since I am somewhat dentist averse as well as skeptical toward success having worn braces for 5 years as a teenager, it took a lot of coaxing to convince me to try Invisalign. I am so glad I did. Despite some apprehension, I figured out how to deal with my trays at restaurants and even at the beach. I must admit after a year, it does get a little old but the results are well worth it. I now can look in the mirror and be proud of the face smiling back at me. My new smile even inspired me to go back to the hairdresser to get rid of the gray and to go back to the gym and work on getting rid of my expanding mid-section.
Thank you Dr. Fine and Dr. K for your patience and encouragement to get me to sign on with Invisalign.

J J-Doll

Dear Dr. Jaffin and Dr. Fine,
You may think it strange that you are both receiving the same thank you. Not strange for me! When I think of the help I have been given, I think of the two of you — my dental team.
Dr. Jaffin, I was so confused, depressed, and angry about what to do about my dental situation — not wanting to go back to Dr. D in NY and concerned about the time and money I had wasted. I was stuck. Thank you for resolving this for me and encouraging me to act. I followed your advice and went to Dr. Fine. He removed the lower right bridge on 7-23-l 1, sent it to his lab to build up the porcelain, and replaced it on 8-19-l 1. He charged me nothing for his labor. Dr. Fine even removed some black stains on my front teeth at no cost.
Dr. Fine, for the first time since January 2006, I am able to chew on the right side of my mouth, and so far my upper right teeth have not been sensitive. At first I started carefully. The last two weeks, I find myself chewing on that side of my mouth without much thought — quite naturally. Thank you.
I feel very fortunate and wish I had a way to repay you both. Dr. Jaffin, please refer all your NJ patients to Dr. Fine. I have been to so many dentists in my life. Dr. Fine is the best! He has exceptional dentistry skills and is an exceptional human being. I had to find him by trial and error. I want others to make the best choice the first time around.
I know I need to get implants and restorations on the lower left side, I plan to go as long as I can, save some money, and visit you both again. I think you are both the finest dentists I have ever met and will recommend you to everyone I know.

Carol M.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank both you, and your staff for extending yourselves, in my behalf. It has been a total pleasure to have experienced such a professional relationship over the past several years. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased you have made me feel, on each and every visit to your office. You are an asset to the Dental profession, and I have nothing less, than the highest praise for you, personally, as well as, professionally.

Richard R.

To Dr. Steiner and all your staff, You did a super job for me ! I know the challenge you faced was a unique one, but you always made me feel confident that whatever the problem you would find a resolution, Your expertise is truely astounding, and a real joy for your patients. All of the support staff who worked with you are equally great and they are constatnly aware of their patient’s needs and concerns. I felt comfortable and secure with their evident knowledge and enthusiasm for your ability to “work miracles“. I can’t thank you enough for getting me through this somewhat less than joyous experience! I am very grateful to all of you.


Dear Dr. Steiner,
I want to thank you again for getting the magnets for me. I had been in constant pain since a total hip replacement over two and a half years ago. During this time I got very little sleep. The pain went from my ankle to my hip.
I wore the magnets 24 hours a day for a month. I woke up one morning and realized I had slept all night without pain. Then a second day and a third, I couldn’t believe it. I now wear them only during the day. I do have some soreness when walking and in turning a certain way but I can live with that. It’s a pleasure to be able to walk normally and for a longer length of time.
I thank you again (my husband too) and will be forever grateful to you.
Everyone gets a good laugh when I tell them of all the doctors I’ve been to, it was a dentist who helped me.
I wish wonderful holidays for you and your family.

Ann Herron