At your hygiene visit you can expect:

  • A complete review of your medical history. Please be sure to inform us of any changes in medical conditions or medications you may be taking. This is important so we can take any necessary precautions to protect you. This review may also include checking your blood pressure.
  • A oral cancer screening will be performed. This is done at every visit to look for suspisios areas that may or may not be cancerous. Early detection is the key, most cases of oral cancer are detected after they are already in advanced stages. We also recommend a second type of oral cancer exam once a year. It is called VELscope. A light is used to check the tissues and areas of concern are eluminated. The light helps detect lesions at the earliest time.
  • Periodontal evaluation is completed to detect gingivitis and periodontal disease. When needed a pocket depth exam will be done.
  • A traditional dental exam is done by your dentist to check for areas of decay and to ensure previous dental restorations healthy. Your dentist will evaluate all the information the hygienist has gathered and inform you of there findings.
  • Digital Radiographs are taken as needed. A full series and/or panorex is taken approximitly every 3 years. Bite wing radiographs and peri-apicals are usually taken every year to year and a half depending on the patients needs.
  • Your hygienist will clean and polish your teeth, as well as take digital photos of any areas of concern, and review oral hygiene instructions.

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