Amalgam Removal Protocol

While researchers have not come to any agreement on the use of mercury/ amalgam fillings, there certainly has not been evidence that they can improve ones health.

Because of this, we at Aesthetic Family Dentistry P.A. follow a strict protocal when removing such materials from our patients. A common question we are asked is-“is it safe to remove mercury fillings?’” -The answer we would offer is that it depends on how the proceedure is done.

The amalgam removal protocal (ARP) entails the addition of certain safety precautions. Firstly, the tooth or teeth to be treated are isolated with a dental dam to restrict materials from being inhaled or swallowed. Pateints are then placed on oxygen to further avoid chances of inhaling mercury fumes. Two methods of suction are then implemented, traditional dental unit suction and a special Hepa filter are included in the protocol.

While these steps may add a few minutes to proceedures, we feel the added safety benefits for our patients is well worth the effort.

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