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June 22, 2016

Is ozone safe for dental use?

Ozone is a natural element found in the earth’s atmosphere. It is organic, has antibacterial properties and is made up of oxygen. So it is perfectly safe for controlled use by trained medical experts. We use it here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry and have never had any ill effects or any negative comments about its use. Here are some quick…
Dental CareDr. Alan SteinerDr. Derek FineFamily Dentistry
February 18, 2016

What treatments can Aesthetic Family Dentistry offer for root sensitivity?

Root sensitivity and sensitive teeth in general is a very common issue. It is estimated that around 10 percent of the population experience sensitivity during their lifetime. Having root sensitivity can mean anything from mild discomfort when eating ice cream to severe discomfort that can last for hours. Causes of root sensitivity Root sensitivity occurs when the soft inner layer…
Dental QuestionsDr. Derek FineVeneers
January 28, 2014

How Long do Dental Veneers Last?

We’re more than happy to answer all your dentist related questions. We regard it as part of our role as holistic dentists to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your health. To help with that, we answer many of the more popular questions here on the Aesthetic Family Dentistry blog. Today we’re…