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November 30, 2016

Biological dentistry and the benefits of mercury-free fillings

Intellectually, the idea of putting a known toxic substance into your mouth and leaving it there seems crazy. Yet for many years, that’s exactly what we did with mercury amalgam. Now, in the more enlightened age of biological dentistry, we have awakened to the danger of this compound and shifted to a much safer materials. At the time, dentists never…
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November 18, 2016

The Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ treatment process

Last week Aesthetic Family Dentistry announced the arrival of the innovative Chao Pinhole™ Surgical Technique (PST). A new treatment for gum recession that is changing the way we manage the condition. As we are now offering the procedure to our Denville, NJ patients, we thought we would explain a little more about how it works. First let us cover how…
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September 16, 2016

Aesthetic Family Dentistry brings a Revolutionary, Breakthrough treatment for receding gums to Denville, NJ

Here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we are always looking at new ways to treat our patients in the best ways possible. If that treatment is also minimally invasive, very effective and can get you back on your feet with minimum recovery all the better. One such treatment is for receding gums and it is now available at your favorite Denville…
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August 19, 2016

How does holistic dentistry differ from a traditional dentist?

The word ‘holistic’ has many interpretations in society and quite a few misunderstandings. The word actually comes from ‘wholistic’, which is a philosophy that has your overall wellbeing at its core. Holistic dentistry does most definitely look after your oral health, but in a way that benefits your entire wellbeing too. We know that the condition of your mouth and…
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August 9, 2016

What is biological dentistry and what can it do for me?

You may have heard the term biological dentistry already during research or in the news. Someone once described it as ‘dentistry with a conscience’ and we would have to agree with that. So what is it and what does it offer you? Biological dentistry and holistic dentistry are essentially the same thing. An approach to oral health that addresses the…
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August 2, 2016

Mini implants help keep dentures stable

Dental implants are one of the most advanced and satisfying dental procedures we perform here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry. The sheer joy implants bring to patients when they first see their restored smile and perfect teeth makes all the hard work worthwhile. Dental implants aren’t just for replacing a whole tooth or multiple teeth. They have other uses too, such…
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July 26, 2016

How vitamins can help enhance your immune system

The human immune system has been honed over thousands of years of evolution. It is a well-tuned self-defense mechanism that protects us from disease and infection. Bacteria are everywhere and some of it isn’t good for us which is why it is important to help our body’s natural defenses wherever we can. A healthy immune system is an essential part…
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July 7, 2016

The amazing antibacterial effects of ozone

Here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we embrace any product, procedure or treatment that promotes the natural. That can include the natural healing abilities of the body, the healing properties of plants and of the elements. It is this latter that led us to ozone. Used widely in medicine, this wholly natural gas has some pretty far-reaching benefits in dentistry. Ozone…