Is ozone safe for dental use?

Ozone is a natural element found in the earth’s atmosphere. It is organic, has antibacterial properties and is made up of oxygen. So it is perfectly safe for controlled use by trained medical experts.

We use it here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry and have never had any ill effects or any negative comments about its use.

Here are some quick facts about medical grade ozone.

  • Ozone is made up of three oxygen particles with a negative charge
  • That negative charge oxidizes ‘bad’ bacteria which neutralizes them
  • Our natural healthy bacteria contain antioxidants which protects them from ozone therapy
  • Medical grade ozone is manufactured by passing pure oxygen through a corona discharge generator to create O3, ozone
  • Ozone is perfectly safe when used correctly and has no known side effects
  • It has a multitude of uses in medicine aside from dentistry

Ozone is often considered negatively purely because it is mentioned in the media as part of bad news stories. Ozone is present in the atmosphere and protects the earth from UV radiation from the sun. Pollution and global warming are thought to affect the ozone layer, causing holes which allows UV radiation through. That radiation, along with many other factors are contributing towards global warming. It is for this reason we view ozone like we do.

When used in medicine, ozone is viewed very positively indeed.

Dental uses for ozone

There are a number of uses for medical grade ozone within a dentist’s office. As holistic dentist’s, we promote its use wherever suitable as it is natural, encourages the body’s own healing processes and is perfectly safe. It also offers health options not possible with other procedures. For example, as a gas, it can penetrate parts of teeth other treatments cannot reach.

We often use ozone therapy for the following dental procedures:

To help treat periodontal disease

We use either ozonized water or ozone gas to help treat gum disease. Used properly, ozone neutralizes the bacteria that causes periodontitis and helps keep gums healthy for longer.

As an alternative to fluoride

We often prescribe the use of ozone instead of fluoride as it performs much the same function in that is helps remineralize soft enamel in teeth.

To help treat dental cavities

Dental caries or cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth. Ozone therapy is very effective at clearing out that bacteria.

To help clean root canals

Ozone is very effective at cleaning out the canal system and removing more bacteria than traditional methods. The cleaner the canal, the better the healing.

Used properly by a skilled dentist, ozone therapy can be extremely effective at treating many bacteria-related issues. It is safe, offers non-invasive treatment options for a number of procedures and works very well when used correctly. That’s why we use it!