Dr. Alan SteinerDr. Derek Fineholistic dentistryYour Dentist
August 19, 2016

How does holistic dentistry differ from a traditional dentist?

The word ‘holistic’ has many interpretations in society and quite a few misunderstandings. The word actually comes from ‘wholistic’, which is a philosophy that has your overall wellbeing at its core. Holistic dentistry does most definitely look after your oral health, but in a way that benefits your entire wellbeing too. We know that the condition of your mouth and…
Dr. Derek FineFamily Dentistryholistic dentistryYour Dentist
August 9, 2016

What is biological dentistry and what can it do for me?

You may have heard the term biological dentistry already during research or in the news. Someone once described it as ‘dentistry with a conscience’ and we would have to agree with that. So what is it and what does it offer you? Biological dentistry and holistic dentistry are essentially the same thing. An approach to oral health that addresses the…