Holistic dentistry is on the rise and with good reason

Holistic dentistry is becoming more popular by the day. Our own office in Denville, NJ is seeing more inquiries and is taking on more patients than ever before.

Other holistic dentists are reporting much the same. It seems people are becoming more aware of the benefits of holistic dentistry and are buying into the body as a single organism principle.

The Holistic Dental Association says they are increasing member numbers nationwide. Many offices are seeing an increase in queries and patient registrations and this is good news for all of us. It’s good news for us because our message is getting through. It’s good news for you because holistic dentistry is undoubtedly better for you.

Holistic dentistry

The principle behind holistic dentistry is that it treats the mouth as part of the body as a whole rather than just in isolation. It has an appreciation that oral health and complications within the mouth can have far-reaching effects on your overall wellness. That what happens in the mouth can impact other systems in the body.

Holistic dentists still treat periodontal disease, still fill cavities, fit dental implants and all the traditional procedures you expect of a dentist. But we also offer more. Holistic dentistry also concerns itself with your mental wellbeing, your emotional health, diet and lifestyle.

It is also about wellness. About offering complementary treatments as well as purely dental ones. Treatments that promote an overall feeling of wellbeing and can help the body as a whole. As we learn more about how different aspects of our body are linked and how an imbalance in one area can impact a seemingly unrelated one, holistic dentistry is increasingly seen as a viable way to improve our health. Not just our oral health but health in general.

An ideal balance

It is important to understand that visiting a holistic dentist doesn’t mean we walk into the office wearing hemp shoes and sit on a bamboo chair. Or that we will be offering you herbal remedies instead of proven dental procedures. We are qualified dentists and offer all the traditional services you would expect from such a dentist. We work within ADA rules, perform only approved procedures and work exactly like any other dentist.

But we also go further. As well as all those services you get from a normal dentist, we prefer to use products that are as non-toxic as possible, consider your overall health and how an oral health issue can impact the rest of your body. It is a varied and hugely challenging, but rewarding area of medicine and we love it!

If you’re looking for a holistic dentist in New Jersey, contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today. We would be happy to see you!