Dental implants are one of the most advanced and satisfying dental procedures we perform here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry.

The sheer joy implants bring to patients when they first see their restored smile and perfect teeth makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Dental implants aren’t just for replacing a whole tooth or multiple teeth. They have other uses too, such as keeping dentures in place.

Mini implants and dentures

Any denture user will tell you that keeping them in place can be something of a challenge. We put our teeth through quite a lot with eating, drinking and talking. Even the best denture products can have a hard time holding dentures in position during all that, which is where mini implants come in.

Just like dental implants, mini implants for dentures use titanium screws, which work the same way the roots of a tooth do. They are inserted into the jawbone just like a natural tooth. Once healed and fused, they can safely and comfortably support dentures. They can hold the denture in place regardless of how much you eat or talk.

Benefits of mini implants for dentures include:

  • Secure, comfortable placement of dentures
  • Helps reduce bone and gum shrinkage
  • Allows the use of smaller, less bulky dentures
  • Increases ease of chewing and talking
  • Fewer pressure points as dentures are secured
  • Improved confidence from the wearer

Natural benefits of mini implanted dentures

We like mini implants as a procedure because it is minimally invasive yet can have far reaching benefits. Not only do they help keep a denture in place, they also help reduce bone and gum tissue loss. Bone and gum tissue loss is a common condition in those who have teeth removed as the jaw and gum around the missing tooth is no longer stimulated to regrow that bone.

Having an implant replace a tooth root has the same effect as if the tooth was still present. The jaw fuses with the implant as it would a real tooth keeping the implant in place and maintaining bone density as normal. Gum tissue is also encouraged to grow around the site of the implant too. Both help to maintain a natural appearance and a healthy mouth.

Aside from the physiological benefits of mini implanted dentures, there are also comfort benefits. Wearers have increased confidence, as they know dentures won’t slip at the wrong moment. They can eat what they like as the dentures are secure and the dentures themselves can be smaller and more comfortable. All contribute to a much happier denture wearer!

The procedure may be more involved than wearing a set of traditional dentures but we think the effort is well worth it. Given all these benefits, we think anyone able to use mini implants to secure dentures in place should try it.

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