Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

By July 30, 2014 August 26th, 2015 Dental Health, Family Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry
Sedation dentistry is a way to ensure the oral health of even the most anxious patient. It is a proven method that uses certified drugs and relaxation techniques to allow those who are scared of the dentist to enjoy everything our profession has to offer.

It is estimated that 30 percent of Americans actively avoid the dentist because of fear. As timely checkups and preventive care goes a long way to improve overall health as well as help avoid more serious procedures being necessary down the line, it’s important to visit your dentist regularly.

What’s involved in sedation dentistry?

Sedation isn’t about making you unconscious or sending you to sleep. That’s a common misconception that we would like to address right now. Sedation dentistry is about putting you into a completely relaxed state while remaining fully conscious. It helps by relaxing you and allowing you to visit the dentist. It helps us by relaxing you, preventing jaw clenching, fidgeting and reducing your fear.

Modern sedative drugs are now so effective, that we can sit you down, connect you to the IV, perform a procedure and have you escorted home without you remembering a thing about it. Even if you remember the procedure, you will think it was over in a couple of minutes and won’t be aware of any discomfort associated with it.

This goes a long way to preventing fear while also encouraging more people to visit the dentist!

We use an IV operated by a Board Certified physician to administer sedative drugs. We use the lowest dose possible to ensure you’re completely sedated while also avoiding any ill effects. You won’t feel a thing. You will be awake, be able to have a conversation and answer questions, but you won’t feel any more anxiety or any pain.

If you’re afraid of the dentist, and if you are putting off regular checkups through fear of pain or you need our help with an existing problem you have right now, sedation dentistry may be the answer. It can help us help you and provide the kind of care your mouth deserves.

Sedation dentistry is the ideal way to visit a dentist even if you’re petrified of us. Contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today to experience a kind, compassionate dental family. We will hold your hand if needed!

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