The benefits of oral DNA testing

Oral DNA testing is a relatively new diagnostic tool that takes a lot of the subjectivity out of dentistry. Usually when diagnosing or checking a patient, we use our many years’ of experience and dental training to observe and identify issues or potential issues. While we will always do that, we now have an extra diagnostic tool, oral DNA testing.

A simple saliva sample is taken and sent to the OralDNA lab and between 7 – 10 days later we have a complete profile of the bacteria present in your mouth. It can tell us whether you have an active infection, are in the early stages of periodontal disease or have any other bacteria that may cause you problems down the line.

It is a simple, painless process which fits into our holistic dentistry approach. This is precisely why we offer oral DNA testing here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry.

While very effective at identifying the bacteria that causes periodontal disease, it isn’t all about that.

Uses for oral DNA testing

Aside from identifying early stages of periodontal disease, there are other benefits from knowing what bacteria are present in your mouth.

For example, say you needed a dental procedure that required a couple weeks recovery time. We could use oral DNA testing to make sure there was no underlying infection or issues present before the procedure. Once complete, we could prescribe the minimum possible medication to help recovery. Your recovery would be fast, there would be very little risk of infection and the experience would be as positive as possible.

Without oral DNA testing, we may not be able to identify the early stages of an infection. That infection could hamper or slow your recovery or even cause complications. We could of course prescribe antibiotics or other medication to tackle that infection but that isn’t the ideal scenario. Prevention is always better than cure. Avoiding complications is always the goal and this very simple process helps us with that.

As holistic dentists, we are naturally in favor of anything that makes the experience better for our patients. We are also happiest when we need the minimum of medication and the minimum intervention to ensure your oral health. We believe oral DNA testing can help with all those things.

The fact that oral DNA testing can also provide the evidence we need to ascertain whether you are at risk of periodontal disease is a definite bonus!

If you would like to know what’s going on in your mouth, consider oral DNA testing at Aesthetic Family Dentistry in Denville, New Jersey. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.