Cosmetic Dentistry, More than Meets the Eye

Cosmetic dentistry is all about the smile. It concerns itself with enhancing your natural features, repairing damage and building that perfect Hollywood smile.

The practice of cosmetic dentistry includes procedures such as teeth whitening, crowns, laser treatments, veneers, teeth straightening, orthodontics and crowns. Each has its place as a treatment for a range of conditions and each is a proven dental technique.

It’s not all about the looks

Some people say cosmetic dentistry is all about vanity. We would disagree. It’s well known that dental health is inextricably linked to overall wellbeing and psychological health. As holistic dentists, we are naturally drawn to cosmetic dentistry as a vocation because of these qualities.

Consider someone who has damaged teeth, has been in an accident or has otherwise suffered trauma to their mouth. Don’t they deserve to look as they did before?

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures can be undertaken for purely aesthetic reasons. Most often though they are used to repair damage, replace lost teeth, prevent further deterioration in oral health and to help with psychological issues regarding the mouth.

There is a lot more to cosmetic dentistry than just the smile!

Let’s get it straight

For example, orthodontics and tooth straightening. We use Invisalign a lot as a treatment here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry. Invisalign is an invisible brace that helps straighten teeth. On the surface it could seem like vanity, but as always, there is much more to it than that.

Crooked teeth are harder to clean, often resulting in poor oral health. They allow food to get trapped between them and can prevent proper brushing. It’s also difficult to floss crooked teeth.

Then there is the psychological aspect. Poor body image can manifest itself in a number of ways, your smile is just one of them. Consider your everyday life, how many times do you smile? How many times do you greet someone with a smile? Or respond to someone with it?

Then there is the physiological improvements. Moving teeth to a happy balanced neuromuscular position can even cure migraines.

Now imagine you’re embarrassed by your smile through no fault of your own? How do you think your daily life would be impacted by not wanting to smile?

As you can see, once you get past that first glance, there is much more to cosmetic dentistry than meets the eye. It genuinely helps people both physically and psychologically. That’s why we love it!

If you’re not proud of your smile, visit us at Aesthetic Family Dentistry today!

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