Is Bleaching Your Teeth Safe?

By June 10, 2013 August 27th, 2015 Brighter Smile, perfect smile, tooth whitening

The use of the word bleach is what usually prompts the question. If we refer to the procedure merely as teeth whitening, we receive far fewer questions on safety and health. So firstly, it’s important to clarify the term bleach. Most importantly, it isn’t the chemical you use to clean your house. The “bleach” used here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry is actually a bleaching light.

We use a product called Zoom!, which is a special gel we apply to the teeth that can turn them up to eight shades lighter. We apply the special gel to your teeth and then shine the bleaching light into your mouth. The light activates the gel and instantly lightens your teeth.

As holistic dentists, we like this approach because it has the least impact on your mouth. It provides a very effective result without harsh chemicals or invasive procedures, which suits our approach to health perfectly. The gel used in teeth whitening has also been specially formulated to drastically reduce the risk of side effects that other treatments can suffer from.

The procedure generally takes slightly over an hour and can completely transform the look of your teeth. It’s amazing how much difference it makes to the self-confidence and overall happiness of patients, which is another reason we like it so much!

Is Teeth Whitening Suitable For Everyone?

The whitening of teeth is one of our most popular procedures. It’s fast, simple and very cost effective. While there are many DIY kits available, dental teeth whitening is the safest, most effective approach.

Your teeth can become discolored for any number of reasons, such as illness, smoking, drinking tea, coffee and red wine and of course, age. You would be amazed at how much shine the average set of teeth lose over a period of years, which is why teeth whitening is so popular. It is a fast, easy way to recapture that healthy mouth and turn back the ravages of time and use.

When performed correctly, teeth whitening is successful in over 90 percent of patients. Anyone with periodontal disease, worn enamel or a number of other conditions may not be suitable for teeth whitening. We can advise you on the likely effectiveness and suitability for whitening when you visit us.