Is Teeth Bleaching Safe?

By October 13, 2014 August 26th, 2015 Brighter Smile, tooth whitening


As a teeth-whitening treatment, in the right hands teeth bleaching is quite safe. Any supervised treatment we carry out here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry has to be safe otherwise we wouldn’t do it!

Part of the worry is from the name. Typically, anything that contains the word bleach doesn’t have healthy connotation. While bleach is essential for hygiene, we don’t normally associate it with bodily treatments. So rather than calling it teeth bleaching, let’s just refer to it as teeth whitening.

So is tooth whitening safe?

Used properly, any tooth whitening product used in conjunction with our dental practice is perfectly safe. Millions of Americans have their teeth bleached. Whether it’s for a wedding, big speech, job interview or just to maintain that million-dollar smile. The reasons are many and all are valid in their own way.

The American Dental Association has approved many tooth whitening products as safe and we only use those approved products.

How long does tooth whitening last?

Typically, tooth whitening lasts several years and more if properly maintained. Much depends on your diet, your lifestyle, overall health and habits. For example, if you drink coffee or smoke, tooth whitening won’t last as long. It’s a subjective process that differs between users, so it’s difficult to say for certain.

How does tooth whitening work?

Tooth whitening uses different compounds, one of them is 10 percent carbamide peroxide. This element crystallizes when it makes contact with water causing the release of hydrogen peroxide. This reaction whitens the teeth.

What happens in a typical tooth whitening appointment?

We first determine whether you’re a good candidate for tooth whitening before we do anything. There can be medical reasons why you may not be, which we will discuss with you at the time. We discuss your overall health and inspect your mouth to ensure there are no underlying dental complications that could affect the treatment.

There are two tooth-whitening treatments available. One is laser whitening, which we perform in the practice. The other is a supervised at-home tooth whitening treatment. This will need a custom-fitted mouth guard made from an impression taken from your teeth at the appointment. This will need to be worn for several hours a day for several days or weeks, depending on which treatment system we use. Some require use at night, others during the day, the specifics of which we can discuss with you at the time.

There can be no denying the positive psychological effects of lovely white teeth. That’s why so many dentists, including Aesthetic Family Dentistry, offer the treatment. If you would like stunning white teeth, contact us today for a consultation!