Mini Dental Implants Benefits

As a holistic dentist, we are continually seeking ways to offer complete care that not only addresses any oral health issues, but also benefits the body as a whole. One treatment that provides for both is a mini dental implant procedure.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are designed to offer security and comfort to denture wearers. They hold dentures in place and help prevent bone loss when teeth are removed. A well-fitted mini dental implant can really save your smile!

The implants themselves are smaller versions of the standard dental implant we use. They are small titanium rods that are screwed into the jaw securely to be able to support a set of dentures and reduce gum withdrawal and bone loss.

Why Use Mini Dental Implants?

When you have teeth removed, the bone and gum recedes from the site of that tooth. If nothing is put in its place, the bone becomes weak and the gum recedes. This process can also be painful or uncomfortable. This not only affects your smile, but overall wellbeing in both a physical and psychological way.

As a holistic dental practice, we’re interested in your overall health, so recommend mini dental implants to anyone who wears dentures and is suitable for the procedure.

How Do They Work?

Fitting mini dental implants involves minor surgery to implant small titanium rods into the jaw to act as an anchor for your dentures. Usually, we fit four implants to the lower jaw in order to properly secure the dentures and restrict bone loss. Unlike standard dental implants, your dentures can usually be fitted at the same time.

If you already have a good set of fitted dentures, we can usually use those to work with the mini implants. It isn’t always necessary to fit new dentures, making it faster and less expensive to undergo this procedure. After all, if you have a pair you find comfortable, there’s no need to change them!

We see mini dental implants as a dental procedure that does more than fix your smile. By eliminating the problems that come with tooth removal, we can reduce discomfort, secure dentures and offer the confidence of a safe, secure smile. The psychological benefits of having a fully working mouth are also worthy of note and another reason why we suggest this procedure to all suitable candidates.

In our world, wins don’t come much bigger than that!