Not so common questions about dental implants

By December 27, 2014 August 26th, 2015 Dental Care, Dental Implants, Dental Questions

A few months ago, we posted some answers to common questions about dental implants. We wanted to answer many of the most popular questions you had about the procedure, the implants and recovery. It proved quite popular, with a number of patients mentioning the post to us when having a consultation.

In order to build on that, we have come up with some not so common questions about dental implants. These do come up during consultations, so we think are worthy of their own post. We hope they help.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are a permanent, safe, well-established treatment for a range of issues. They are designed to be stronger than natural teeth and if maintained and fitted properly can easily last a lifetime.

As with natural teeth, dental implants will last longer if cared for properly. As with natural teeth, they can suffer from gum disease, plaque and infection. So brushing, with a good toothpaste, water picking, regular flossing and regular checkups at your dentist are all vital.

What happens after my dental implants are fitted?

Once the procedure has been completed, we will discuss recovery and set up a series of regular checkups to ensure you are recovering well. We will discuss proper care, cleaning and answer any questions you have about looking after your implants. We want you to benefit from these dental implants for a lifetime and will support you every step of the way.

Can I get gum disease with dental implants?

In a word, yes. As mentioned above, proper care and a good oral health regimen is vital for the long term health of your teeth. It’s only the teeth that have been replaced, the jaw and gum are all yours. That means they are susceptible to infection just like the rest of your mouth.

Follow our instructions, brush regularly and floss daily and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Will anybody notice I have dental implants?

The dental implants themselves are designed to look exactly like normal teeth. We mold them to your existing teeth, match color as closely as possible and insert them so they look seamless next to your existing teeth. All so the implants won’t be noticed.

However, if you have had broken or missing teeth, have had poor self-confidence because of your smile or haven’t been smiling much because you haven’t felt like it, people might notice. After all, once the procedure is complete you’re going to have a bright happy smile and that most certainly will be noticeable!

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