Ozone therapy, an amazing dental treatment

Ozone therapy is rapidly gaining traction in dentistry as a very effective treatment for infection. It is fast, effective at tackling bacteria and for preparing the mouth for more involved procedures. All these qualities makes it something we, as holistic dentists are very interested in. We think you will be too once you realize the advantages in brings.

Ozone therapy is applied using a specific medical device designed for dental use. It can apply medical ozone directly to bacteria and has been proven to kill 99 percent of bacteria with just a 1minute dose. It requires no surgery, no medication and no special preparation, offering amazing benefits to dental patients.

Ozone therapy can:

  1. Eliminate 99 percent of all bacteria in the mouth.
  2. Disinfect the tooth beneath the enamel without surgery.
  3. Prepare the site for root canal therapy.
  4. Ensure faster, more effective recovery after dental surgery.

The benefits of ozone therapy in dentistry

As you may already know, ozone occurs naturally in the atmosphere and we inhale low concentrations of it with every breath. Dental ozone is many times more concentrated and specially prepared for medical use. It is applied by a specific device that can target a specific area of the mouth, deliver the ozone and suck it back into the machine.

This process delivers a fast, clean method of eradicating bacteria from the mouth. A process that requires no special preparation, no anesthetic, no medication and has no known side effects. That’s why we are so excited about its use in dentistry.

Ozone therapy for cavities

Ozone therapy can remove bacteria from within a tooth which can in some cases, avoid the need for drilling and filling. It can also disinfect the site for other dental surgery, drastically reducing the risk of infection and speeding up recovery time. It is a very effective tool in the dentist’s arsenal and one that is gaining popularity steadily.

Ozone therapy for root canal

Another significant benefit of ozone therapy in dentistry is for root canal therapy. Ozone therapy is used to clean the site of the root canal before filling the space. By removing as much of the bacteria as possible, we prepare the mouth as best we can for a rapid recovery with the minimum risk of infection.

Given the speed and voracity of bacteria growth, any help we can provide the body in fighting bacteria can have long-lasting health benefits.

Ozone therapy can also be used for preventive treatment, such as when adult teeth appear in children or to help cleaning fissures before applying dental sealant. Other applications will no doubt be developed as ozone therapy matures and evolves as such treatments do.

If you think you may benefit from ozone therapy or would like to know more about its advantages, contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation.