Teeth in a day FAQ

By August 3, 2015 August 28th, 2015 Dental Health, Dental Implants

You may already have heard about a brand new treatment designed to make the dental implant procedure faster and easier than ever before. If you haven’t, the idea of “teeth in a day” is that you can arrive at Aesthetic Family Dentistry in the morning needing dental implants. You then leave at the end of the day with a complete set of new teeth!

So rather than taking months to heal before adding the restoration, we can prepare, install the implant, design the restorations and fit them all in the same day. It’s going to change the way we do dental implants forever!

Woman showing her white teeth.

What are teeth in a day?

Teeth in a day are an advanced form of dental implants that include much the same as the more established procedure but has been improved where necessary. It allows us to provide a full bridge of teeth using only four titanium implants. It also allows us to perform the entire procedure in one day.

What does the procedure involve?

Initially, you will need to attend Aesthetic Family Dentistry for an initial consultation. We will perform a dental examination, 3-D scan and x-rays. We will then discuss your options. If you elect for this procedure we will schedule you in for a time that suits you.

On the day, we will perform extractions if necessary and prepare your mouth for the implants. We will fit the four implants, prepare the restorations and install those after a couple of hours. By the end of the day, you will leave our office with a brand new set of teeth all ready to go.

You will then need to return regularly for checkups and then once fully healed, we will take new impressions of your teeth. We will then build a stronger, permanent restoration. These will fit perfectly and seamlessly into the implant.

What are the main advantages of teeth in a day?

The most obvious advantage of this new method of dental implants is time. A traditional implant can take months from the initial procedure, healing time, bone grafts if necessary, restoration fitting and adjustment. It can mean waiting over a year with an intermediate solution before getting the full implant. Teeth in a day removes all that delay. We do everything within the day, so you can leave here with that lovely smile before the day is out.

If you would like to know more about teeth in a day or would like to schedule a consultation, contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today!


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