Top 5 ways of preventing bad breath

By March 20, 2015 August 26th, 2015 Uncategorized

Bad breath can be caused by many things, from diet to medication, poor dental hygiene to infections. It is a very prevalent medical issue but also one of the most treatable. Often referred to as halitosis, bad breath may be an embarrassing condition but with a little effort and the tips we’re going to share on this post, it’s simple and painless to treat.

As holistic dentists, Aesthetic Family Dentistry provides a complete wellness service to ensure your overall health is managed effectively. Prevention is a big part of that effort which is why we wrote this post. So if you want to know how to prevent bad breath, read on!

Brushing your teeth

One significant cause of halitosis is food trapped within the mouth. Bacteria feeds on this food producing volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) as a byproduct. It is these VSCs that produce the odor. Brushing after eating, or at least twice a day, can help remove much of that food. It’s the best way to prevent the build-up of bacteria and the gas they produce.


Even the best toothbrushes in the world can’t get everywhere in your mouth so there is inevitably food left behind in inaccessible places. That’s where flossing comes in. There’s a good reason dentists promote flossing. It is the only truly effective way of cleaning between teeth. Not only does it help prevent tooth decay, it prevents bad breath too.

Watching what you eat

Diet plays a huge part in how healthy we are and it also influences how your breath smells. Fragrant foods such as spices, onions or garlic all contribute to halitosis. Not only can they leave odorous food particles behind in the mouth, they are also absorbed into the bloodstream and into the lungs. That’s why your breath might smell of garlic for a while after eating it.

High sugar foods can also exacerbate bad breath. The bacteria in your mouth feed on this sugar and produce more gas as a result. A healthy varied diet is very effective at countering halitosis.

Treatment of infection

Infections are a very common cause of bad breath and are very easily treatable. Periodontal disease is one such infection and is the result of not having gum disease treated in time. Part of the symptoms of this condition is bad breath. That’s why it’s so important to visit your dentist regularly for checkups.

Stop smoking

You didn’t think we would write a post about bad breath without mentioning smoking did you? Whatever your opinion on smoking, it is a significant contributor to bad breath. Not only does smoking cause bad breath when the smoke remains in your mouth, it also contributes to periodontal disease, which also causes bad breath.