What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the new way to keep that dazzling smile even after you have teeth removed. It’s a relatively new procedure that has been very well received by those who have benefited from it.

Dental implants support replacement teeth. They are implanted directly into the jaw to secure new teeth in place and work in exactly the same way the root of a real tooth does. The implant is most often made of titanium and looks a little like a screw. Once inserted, the implant is accepted by the jaw and fuses with the bone to create a strong, reliable support for false teeth.

What Happens During the Implant Operation?

The fitting of a dental tooth implant involves minor dental surgery. This could involve a local anesthetic and possibly a sedative. We would discuss this with you in advance. We have performed hundreds, if not thousands of these procedures and each patient is different. The exact approach will be worked out with you at the time.

During the dental implant operation, we would first remove any teeth that needed to be replaced. Then, we would either fit the dental implant immediately, or wait for the site of the removed tooth to heal. This again depends on the situation, the teeth and your wishes.

Fitting the implant immediately is called an immediate implant, while waiting for the healing process is called an immediate-delayed implant. It is also possible to fit the dental tooth implant and the false tooth at the same time, but we usually wait for you to heal first. We can fit a denture over the site of the implant in the intervening time if you require.

What Happens After the Dental Implant Operation?

Once the initial operation has been completed, you will be able to go home once you feel ready. It is important to rest, relax and allow your body to recover from the operation as much as is practical. The time it takes to fully heal depends entirely on your physiology, but generally takes a few weeks.

We provide a dental implant information pack to offer advice and guidance on looking after your mouth after a dental implant operation. This will cover how to look after your mouth before the tooth is fitted and afterwards and will contain everything you need to know about managing your recovery.

Once your dental tooth implant is in place, it’s important to look after it. That will involve a good oral hygiene regimen, regular brushing and a mouthwash. Once healed, the implant will function exactly the same as a normal tooth. Contact us today if you would like to know more.