What Are the Benefits of Using Invisalign?

By February 10, 2015 August 27th, 2015 Invisalign, perfect smile, Your Dentist
The Invisalign versus braces debate is one that has been ongoing since the former product was released. To our mind, there is no competition. If you’re a suitable candidate for Invisalign you should come into our dentist’s office and have it. End of debate.

To qualify that a little, let’s look at some of the benefits of Invisalign.

Invisalign is Easy to Wear

One of the major downsides to braces is how they look. That metal grid running across your teeth isn’t the best look in the world. Many teenagers expect to wear one at some point, so it isn’t that unusual to see them. That doesn’t mean they don’t affect self-confidence.

As anyone who has gone through teenage years can attest, it’s a time of insecurity, change, increasing self-awareness and angst. Adding a brace into the equation makes a difficult period of our lives that little bit harder to manage.

No such trouble with Invisalign. It’s invisible and only the closest inspection can detect there is anything there at all. So that’s one of the major downsides of braces out dealt with. This is why Invisilign is the perfect solution for adults as well.

Invisalign is Easy to Remove

Unlike a brace which is bonded in place for the duration, Invisalign can be removed as you require. While you need to wear it for the prescribed period, you can remove it for teeth cleaning, for sports, eating, or whatever you need.

Invisalign is Easy to Live With

Not only is Invisalign easy to fit, simple to to remove and just about invisible to the eye, it’s also easy to live with. The aligners are designed to fit your teeth, they can be removed for eating so you don’t get food trapped like you can with braces and they can be easily managed within your daily routine.

Another benefit of Invisalign is that you’re not limited to the kind of food you can eat while wearing an aligner. There is a list of food you shouldn’t eat while wearing a brace, there is no such thing when using Invisalign. That should make like a little easier!

Invisalign is Better For Your Mouth

One major benefit of Invisalign and one that we promote as much as possible is the health benefits of using the system. You already know that you can remove the aligner so you can clean your teeth properly. This helps with oral health, which we’re all in favor of.

Another health benefit is lack of damage to teeth from cementing braces and to cheeks from the metal. While both can be minimized, they can often irritate. There is no risk or root resorption or damage to the periodontal structure either, which means less damage to healthy teeth. As holistic dentists, we’re all in favor of that!

Invisalign Works

By far the biggest benefit of Invisalign is that it works. It delivers straight teeth and a healthy, happy smile to everyone who uses the system. Straight teeth not only look good but provide less room for periodontal disease while allowing for much easier cleaning.

There is good reason why we at Aesthetic Family Dentistry promote Invisalign. As a treatment it is effective, has a low impact on the mouth and delivers the kind of smile we all want to have. What’s not to love!

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