What to do if you have a toothache or dental emergency

A toothache or dental emergency can cause severe discomfort even if the cause is relatively minor. Given the sheer number of nerves within the teeth and mouth, any slight damage can cause discomfort far out of proportion of the damage done.

However, regardless of the cause, if you suffer from discomfort for any reason that won’t go away, you should schedule an appointment at Aesthetic Family Dentistry right away. We make sure we always have time in our day to handle emergencies, so you’re always welcome here!

As with any medical condition, your first response can seriously impact how you recover. With that in mind, we have put together this quick guide so you know how to handle toothache or a dental emergency before you arrive at our office.


Toothache has numerous causes so your actions here are quite limited. If possible, we would always advocate rinsing the mouth with warm water, cleaning your teeth and flossing. Often, the discomfort is caused by something stuck between teeth and this will remove it. Check your teeth in the mirror to check for debris or something stuck.

Pain killers may be suitable if you’re over 16 and not allergic to them. If you do take anything, be sure to tell us when you arrive. Alternatively, a cold compress on the cheek where the tooth hurts can have a settling effect.

Lost or knocked out tooth

If you lose a tooth, your priority is to find the tooth and stop the bleeding. If you can, clean the tooth with warm water and place it back in its socket. If you cannot do this, place the tooth in milk and try to stop the bleeding with a napkin or other soft material until it either stops or you arrive at our office.

Fractured, chipped or damaged tooth

We regard these as a dental emergency as time is critical. The faster we can treat you, the less likely you are to get infection. We also stand a much better chance of saving and repairing the tooth. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress until you can get to us.

Lost filling or crown

Lost fillings are quite common, especially in older people. If your filling falls out, chew a piece of sugar-free gum and place it over the hole to block the nerves and lessen discomfort. If you lose a crown, do your best to find it and keep it safe. See us as soon as possible.

In both cases, it is possible to use an over the counter dental cement as a temporary measure until we can see you.

Other dental emergencies

Your priority is to stop bleeding, prevent further loss or injury and get yourself to a safe place before contacting Aesthetic Family Dentistry. The faster you react, the better chance we have of restoring your situation to exactly how it was before the incident happened.

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