Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

By February 5, 2014 August 27th, 2015 Dental Crown, Dental Health, healthy teeth
A dental crown is a useful procedure that can protect weak teeth, restore a broken tooth, cover large fillings, support a dental bridge, cover an implant and restore your smile and confidence if you have suffered infection or injury that has resulted in damaged teeth.

As holistic dentists, we like dental crowns because they are a straightforward way of addressing a multitude of dental problems without too much surgery, medication or treatment. They not only fix a physical issue, they can also make a huge difference to a patient’s psychological wellbeing.

Why Might I Need a Dental Crown?

As we mentioned above, dental crowns can address a range of issues from broken teeth, disfigured teeth, or large fillings. They can also support a bridge and cover an implant too if appropriate.

Crowns can be prefabricated, but we much prefer to have them made to your measurements. A tailored crown fits seamlessly into your gum line and is almost invisible to the eye once seated correctly. They take a little longer to get, but the end result is well worth the effort!

How Are Crowns Fitted?

Before fitting a dental crown, we have to treat any underlying issues in the mouth and specifically the tooth and gums around the site. Only once your oral health is up to standard can we progress with the treatment.

If the tooth has enough structure, fitting a dental crown is as simple as shaping your existing tooth , adding cement to the tooth, fitting the crown to the tooth and adjusting it to fit perfectly. That’s it!

As holistic dentists, we like to interfere as little as possible with the body and prefer less invasive solutions to oral health problems. Dental crowns are one of those procedures that can achieve a lot with little. Apart from painless tooth preparation the majority of dental crowns can be fitted without any complicated surgery, often a serum compatibility test may be done to make certain the materials in the crown work in your body.

Will Other People Notice I’m Wearing a Crown?

As mentioned, a properly fitted custom dental crown will be invisible to all but the closest inspection. Our high quality crowns are taken from a mold of your tooth and built to look identical to the surrounding teeth. Once in place, we make tiny adjustments before cementing to ensure it looks just like the rest of your mouth.

Will I feel Any Difference Wearing a Dental Crown?

A properly molded and fitted crown will feel almost the same as a real tooth. As it’s a “cap” that fits over your existing tooth. Your bite should feel exactly the same once we fit it properly and once you have had it for a few days, you will forget all about it.

How Do I Care For My Crown?

The crown itself cannot decay as it’s a man-made material. However, the tooth below the margin can, so it’s important to keep the area as clean as possible. The good news is that if you maintain a good oral hygiene, brush twice a day and floss regularly, you should be fine.

We can of course provide any and all information surrounding dental crowns at a consultation. Contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today to schedule yours!

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