Dental condition preventing you from eating? Aesthetic Family Dentistry can help!

Difficulty eating is not only inconvenient, it can also have far reaching consequences. Anything that gets in the way of your intake of nutrients and fuel can have quite a detrimental effect on your oral health. So if you have difficulty eating, this post is for you.

The dentists at Aesthetic Family Dentistry have put together this quick overview of how they can help with a range of dental conditions that can stop you from eating. Most procedures are straightforward and many involve no discomfort or medication. If that’s important to you, we can help.


A dental abscess is an uncomfortable growth that can manifest in the tooth itself (periapical or dentoalveolar abscess) or in the gum (periodontal abscess). Both can cause significant discomfort, including the inability to open the mouth.

An abscess is relatively straightforward to treat and can be done without surgery. A quick visit to our office could have you eating again in no time.

Sensitive teeth

Sensitivity to hot and cold can become severe enough to stop people wanting to eat altogether. While rarely that serious, it is still a dental condition that can prevent normal eating.

Usually, sensitive teeth are caused by the nerves in the pulp of the tooth being exposed to the outside world. A hard protective layer of enamel protects these nerves but the enamel can be exposed for a variety of reasons. Treatments for sensitive teeth are often simply a change of toothpaste for a specialist brand specifically designed to tackle sensitivity.


Toothache can have a myriad of causes and it is important to visit your dentist if you suffer from it. Possible causes can include infection, inflammation, bruxism, tooth decay, gum disease, broken teeth and wisdom teeth.

For the proper treatment of toothache, you have to see a dentist. Fortunately, many non-surgical procedures are now available to deal with many variations of this dental condition.

Tooth trauma

A tooth that is broken, cracked or missing can be uncomfortable enough that you may not want to each anything. Problems with crowns and fillings can also be uncomfortable, needing expert treatment to alleviate the symptoms and treat the cause.

For all of these issues you will need to visit your dentist right away. The faster the better. In the event of a tooth being knocked or falling out, preserving the tooth in milk and getting to your dentist within 24 hours means we could possibly reinsert it.

If you’re experiencing difficulty eating or one of these issues in particular, contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today. We’re here to help!