Everything you Need to Know About Laser Dentistry

By April 28, 2014 August 27th, 2015 Dental Health, Laser Dentistry, Oral Health
A dental laser is a serious piece of equipment that looks scarier than it is. Even the term laser dentistry can strike fear into nervous patients. There’s no need for any of that. Laser dentistry is safe, effective and a modern way to treat a range of dental issues.

Knowledge is power, so let us discuss laser dentistry a little further.

What is a dental laser?

A dental laser is just that, a laser that is finely tuned specifically for dental use. Think of it as a modern drill. It can do many things our trusty drill can, only quieter, faster and much more effectively.

The laser produces a very focused beam of light that causes a reaction when it hits something. Dentists use this to perform a range of procedures from teeth whitening to removing tissue or performing biopsies.

Does a dental laser hurt?

No. A dental laser is a very effective dentistry tool. In fact, some procedures we used to perform with drills needed anesthetics to help with the discomfort. Performing those same procedures with lasers needs no anesthetic and produces very little discomfort.

As holistic dentists, the fewer drugs we have to use with no ill effects to the patient, the happier we are. That’s why we promote the use of laser dentistry.

Isn’t laser dentistry just a new trendy treatment?

No. We have been using lasers here at Aesthetic family Dentistry for over  25 years. In that time the lasers have improved, our skills have improved and the entire patient experience is now a world away from what it used to be.

Over a quarter of a decade we have refined laser dentistry into an art form. There is less work, less discomfort, less damage to the mouth and a much more exact way to perform our procedures.

Are dental lasers safe?

Yes. In the right hands, with the right training, a dental laser is a precise instrument. As long as you wear protective eyewear while we are working, the dental laser is as safe as it’s possible to be.

Just check the dentist has the correct training and certification for using a dental laser. Lots of experience is useful too!

Laser dentistry is a safe, secure way of having dental work done. It allows you to heal faster, experience less discomfort and provides a range of solutions to oral health challenges. If you’re considering laser dental treatment, ensure your dentist is qualified to practice it.

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