Here at Aesthetic Family Dentistry, we use a specialist medical laser for a range of procedures. It is a very safe and targeted tool in improving oral health and tackling specific conditions. One such condition is the apthous ulcer, or canker sore.

Apthous ulcers are a common condition that affects up to a quarter of all Americans. The sores can be uncomfortable and cause problems with eating and drinking. They can last a while too which is why we are offering a fast, effective treatment for them.

Apthous ulcers

An apthous ulcer is a recurrent ulcer that keeps coming back no matter what you try to do to prevent it. They appear in the mouth, usually around the loose tissue of the palate (roof of the mouth), inner cheek or inside the lips. They are small, less than 1cm in diameter and usually have a red halo around the outside.

While minor, apthous ulcers can expose nerves to the outside, causing discomfort whenever you open or move your mouth. This has an obvious effect on eating, drinking and even talking. The specific cause of apthous ulcers is still unknown but we think it is linked to poor diet, stress, acidic food, trauma or sensitivities to certain chemicals.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment has proven very effective at tackling apthous ulcers. Often referred to as ‘biomodulation’, laser treatment is able to suppress certain conditions and is now a widely practiced medical procedure. One that Aesthetic Family Dentistry is also pleased to offer.

By applying a special medical-grade laser to the apthous ulcer, we can treat the virus that causes the ulcer. Relief is immediate and the ulcer will disappear in around 48-72 hours. Better still, once treated, reoccurrence is much less frequent.

Laser treatment for apthous ulcers only takes a couple of minutes, is completely painless and needs no anesthesia. Recovery is almost instantaneous. We can also treat the ulcer in the formative stages, when it is tingling rather than already apparent so can stop it appearing altogether. As you can imagine, it is a very popular procedure!

This treatment is often covered by your medical insurance too. If not, it is very affordable considering how effective it is.

Laser treatment for apthous ulcers is just the kind of treatment we as holistic dentists favor. It is fast, effective, painless and is very targeted without harming the body. Recovery is fast and it needs no sedation or medication. It fulfills most of our criteria for a very effective treatment. If feedback from our patients is anything to go by, it works well too!

If you suffer from recurring canker sores or would like to know more about laser treatment for apthous ulcers, contact Aesthetic Family Dentistry today.