Mini Dental Implants Can Save You Money

By September 24, 2013 August 27th, 2015 Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are a great way to get that Hollywood smile, minimizing discomfort   and cost.  They are a fantastic way to transform your smile and your confidence and can be yours within a couple of hours.

Dental implants are nothing new. They have been around in various forms for a thousand years or more. Mini dental implants are the newest form of treatment that offers the patient many benefits, with the main one being cost. Let’s look at how and why they are cheaper than standard dental implants.

Lower Material Cost

Mini dental implants use a smaller screw, meaning less titanium, which is an expensive metal. The manufacture of MDI is also easier, meaning lower costs all round. It is important to note that while these implants do cost less, it is not because of a reduction in quality. It is merely because of the nature of the procedure and fitting.

Simpler Procedure

Time is money and the faster something can be done, the cheaper it can be. As long as you use a highly qualified dentist such as Aesthetic Family Dentistry, you’re in good hands.

Fitting mini dental implants is simpler than fitting standard ones. There is less intrusion into the gum and jaw and much less drilling involved. Not only does this make the entire procedure fast and cheaper, it also involves much less pain!

Faster Fitting

As mentioned, fitting mini dental implants is simpler than standard dental implants. They can also be fitted in a single sitting, lowering the cost even further. Where standard dental implants can take up to a year from beginning to end, fitting MDI’s can be done in a single 90-minute appointment.

We cannot remove teeth and fit the implants in a single sitting but once the old teeth are removed, the new implants can be fit all at once. Much faster than before!

Quicker Recovery

Another way mini dental implants save you money is by requiring much less recovery time than standard implants. If you’re taking time off work, you would only need a short time to recover. This allows you to get back to work much faster than before, which saves you money across the board.

Fewer Risks and Complications

As fitting mini dental implants is much simpler, the chance of any complications is greatly reduced. This can contribute to saving you money by negating the need for further treatment, drugs or more time off work.

As you can see, mini dental implants have a lot of cost savings to offer. If you’re considering having them fitted, don’t do anything until you have come to see us. We are highly qualified, exceptionally skilled and have hundreds of successful mini dental implant procedures under our belts.

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